Monday, January 14, 2013

Leather Effect Nail Polish....Skulls Optional!

One of the funnest things I bought in England last trip was nail polish which claims to give your nails the effect of leather.  It comes in tan and black.  Because I always love a polished look with an edge, I bought with the black kit. 
The kit includes the leather effect polish, 4 small metal skulls, and nail glue to apply them.  The only other supplies you will need is a nail file and a basecoat. 
I always think that dark colors look best on short rounded nails. 
File your nails to remove any tough edges. 
Apply a thin clear basecoat. 

 Once the basecoat is dry, apply a thin layer of the leather effect polish. 

Wait 2 minutes for the first coat to dry and re-apply another thin coat. 

 This is how the nails will look dry (the next day). 

Apparently this polish kit is sold out in the States, but, I would recommend it for a fun Rock n' Roll glam nail effect.

Laura x

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