Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To: Southwestern Succulents Garden

I think that fresh plants add a lot to a living space.  I bought this vintage bowl/planter at the thrift store this weekend.  It isn't my normal style, but I was inspired to make it into a southwest themed garden. 

I chose a variety of succulents and bought rocks and cactus soil to complete the project.  

The lines of the bowl are seem southwestern, I like that the light blue and green aren't traditionally "southwest."  

The inscription on the bottom reads:  To Mom....Atlantic Mold....From Eda & Tom.....Christmas 1976.

Make sure your planter is clean.  

Add a thick layer of rocks to allow for drainage.

Add potting soil to the level you think your plants will need to be flush with the planter's lip. 

Play around with the best arrangements for the garden.  Think about different colors and textures.   

Once you are happy with your arrangement, remove from plastic containers and fill in more soil where needed. 

Add rocks for even more texture. 

Find your own glamorous bowl, pot, planter, etc for a touch of nature inside.

Laura x

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