Monday, January 7, 2013

Corgies, Champagne, Doors, and Dior

Official trip mascot

I just got back from a wonderful 2 weeks in England.  The problem with wanderlust is that I already can't wait to be back.  I took a lot of photos of the everyday (ex. shelves in a drug store) and the  extraordinary (an abandoned manor house in the Cotswolds).

Champagne at Paddington Station.  Glass passes the time waiting to meet someone. 

Dior at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Bag ready for train back to Bath in a souvenir from Selfridges & Co.

Found this abandoned manor house in the countryside

Pultney Bridge in Bath

I had the best time with good food, family, friends, and fashion.  I count myself lucky to have such a glamorous group on both sides of the pond!

Laura x

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