Friday, November 1, 2013

Three Hats You Should Wear this Fall

Vintage Burberry Bucket
Fall hats are a great addition to a wardrobe.  These three shapes of hats are the most classic/versatile.
1. Bucket: popular with fishermen; great for rainy days; perfect for when you want to pretend you don't see someone on the street.  
Tip: When vintage shopping look for labels with "Burberry's."  Anything marked with that label was made prior to 1998 when the house officially changed its name to "Burberry." 

Hat: Vintage; Barn Jacket: Burberry
2. Beanie: Loved by hipsters (male and female alike); embrace your inner 5 year old or French poet; beanies made from angora and/or wool are soft enough that they won't leave a mark in your hair and don't create static. 
3. Boho: perfect addition to your Halloween costume as well; not for the shy; not safe to wear when driving!

Laura x