Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Navy Stripes and Mirrored Sunglasses

Blazer and Belt: Brooks Brothers; Necklace and Bracelet: J Crew; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Heels: Nine West
Summer Basics: Stripes, Nude Sandals, Gold Jewelry, and Navy.
This is outfit is made cool by my newest sunglasses, mirrored lens clear Oakleys.  I remember my Mom wearing these in the 90's and she gave them to me visit home.  I always knew she was a trendsetter.  

I broke up the dress with a light colored belted cardigan for when I wanted to take my blazer off in the office.
Laura x

Monday, August 26, 2013

It's a Great Time to Be a Pittsburgher: Camo and Stripes

Vest: Forever 21; T-Shirt, Necklace, and Ballet Flats: J Crew; Jeans: GAP
Sundays are the days when I want to get the most done, but also love to relax and catch up on the news etc.  I never want to wear anything that remotely resembles work outfits.  Last Sunday was as good a time as any to wear a new purchase, a camouflage vest.
Purse: Vintage Christian Dior
With a drawstring vest and a longer cut, it will be a great transitional piece which I think I will wear multiple ways: over a brown leather jacket, with my black leather skirt, over a khaki shirt-dress with brown boots. 
I couldn't agree more that it is a great time to be a Pittsburgher!

Laura x

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Insider's Guide to Thrifting: Spraypainted Patio Table

Thrift Tip: Always look for furniture/objects that can be transformed with spray paint. 
I always try to find extra seating/tables for my deck.  My Mom and I found this metal table when I was home and came up with the idea to spray paint it two complimentary colors to highlight its lines and angles. 
1. Clean the surface of the object thoroughly. 
2. Spray the object completely with the color that will be least prominent in the finished design. 
3. Let the object dry once it is fully painted.
4. Cover the parts that of the object that will remain the original base color.  i.e. anything that is not covered in tape will be the second color.
-Make sure your assistant gets a break!
5. Spray the object with the second color. 
6. Once completely sprayed, remove the painters' tape almost immediately. 
Tip: It also helps if you happened to find an animal-shaped watering can in the same color!
Laura x

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Black and White Maxi Dress: Seneca Lake

Necklace: J Crew; Dress: Target; Shirt: Ann Taylor; Sandals: Topshop; Purse: Louis Vuitton; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
In some ways fashion is all about proportion.  A dress can go from frumpy to chic with a quick hem and a shirt that is too long or too short can make even the best fitting jeans look horrible.  This maxi dress and t-shirt were "tailored" with some knots. 
Pictured with my original style icon, my Mom.  She taught me that being educated and well-read is the chicest accessory of all and is the source of many of my most beloved fashion items.

Laura x

Monday, August 12, 2013

Camo and Chambray

Necklace: Kate Spade; Shirt: J Crew; Pants: GAP; Clutch: Vintage; Heels: Nine West
These pants, shirt, and heels are some of the items that I have worn the most this summer.  I like that each one of them is a classic with a twist.  The purse and necklace ramp the outfit up a bit. 
You may have noticed this black band in a lot of my recent photos.  It is a Fit Bit Flex and it is used to measure my steps, calories burned, and even my sleep.  I really love it and notice that I have been making better options ex. walking to a bus stop further away ever since I have worn it.  It was a great birthday gift from my Dad. 
Laura x

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why I Love Hipsters: White and Black in Ithaca

Shirt: GAP; Jeans: American Eagle; Sandals: Zara; Necklaces (one worn as bracelet): J Crew; Purse: Louis Vuitton; Scarf: Vintage Valentino
I half-joke that I love hipsters and last weekend in Ithaca confirmed why: I grew up surrounded by the original hipsters!  Ithaca was a great place to grow up.  It wasn't until I went away to college that I realized that cultural diversity and integration is not the norm and tie dye isn't de rigueur. 
I wore this outfit going to antique stores with my Mom and the disheveled look with heirloom pieces fit right in.  We definitely did not have "fast fashion" in Ithaca and they still don't.  

Keys to my take on the hipster look: (1) something with holes in it; (2) jewelry worn in unique ways aka wearing a necklace as a bracelet; (3) scarf tied on your never know when you might stumble upon a festival and need a hippy accessory. 

Another great find by my Mom: vintage Valentino scarf with trademark red accents.  This scarf is huge and will also be great as a belt. 
Laura x

Monday, August 5, 2013

Giraffe Print in the Mist

Dress: H and M; Belt: Michael Kors; Purse: Tory Burch; Bracelets: Vintage, JCP; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Last week I went to Summer Safari at the Pittsburgh Zoo which is a big fundraiser for the organization.  It is also lots of fun.  Of course I needed to find a dress with a jungle slant.  I ordered one from ASOS which was horrific on me and then stumbled across this one from H&M.  I was worried someone else would be wearing the dress, but I didn't see it that night. 
Tip: Belting a maxi dress is an easy and quick way to shorten it. 
These photos were taken at a public art instillation near the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.  The steel pillars spew mist every few minutes. 
Sandals: Urban Outfitters
Laura x