Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Insider's Guide to Thrifting: Spraypainted Patio Table

Thrift Tip: Always look for furniture/objects that can be transformed with spray paint. 
I always try to find extra seating/tables for my deck.  My Mom and I found this metal table when I was home and came up with the idea to spray paint it two complimentary colors to highlight its lines and angles. 
1. Clean the surface of the object thoroughly. 
2. Spray the object completely with the color that will be least prominent in the finished design. 
3. Let the object dry once it is fully painted.
4. Cover the parts that of the object that will remain the original base color.  i.e. anything that is not covered in tape will be the second color.
-Make sure your assistant gets a break!
5. Spray the object with the second color. 
6. Once completely sprayed, remove the painters' tape almost immediately. 
Tip: It also helps if you happened to find an animal-shaped watering can in the same color!
Laura x

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