Thursday, January 17, 2013

2012 Landscapes

Niagara Falls
The new year is a natural time to reflect.  Each of these photographs inspires me in different ways.  In a fast-paced city, with a fast-paced job, and constant distraction, these images remind me of great times, people, and places.  
The city of Bath from Salisbury Hill
Roses left at the hill's summit
Fallingwater in the Fall
Manolo Blanhik's Townhouse in Bath
Dryham Park

Decaying Graves-Bristol
Don CeSar St. Petersburg
Paisley, Scotland where some ancestors lived
Glasgow War Memorial
London: Old and New
Virginia Vineyard

Taking in these views is a glamorous indulgence that I wish I could have each day. I am looking forward to many more this year. 


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  1. Very cool. So glad I was lucky enough to share some of these views with you!