Wednesday, January 23, 2013

British Beauty Haul

Every type of L'Oreal Elnett imaginable!!
I have a confession.  I am totally obsessed with drug stores, especially ones that has brands and products that I don't normally have access to.  
Kate Moss for Rimmel
One of my first and last stops in England are always Boots and Superdrug. 
A whole section of false eyelashes
There are even brands by European DJs
 Elnett is only recently available in the states.  I swear by it.  I have only found two types in Pittsburgh, this Boots had dozens. 
My Mom and I are obsessed with this spa's products
I also try new products.  This time it is "Backcomb in a bottle."  It makes my hair really straw-like and voluminous. 
Katy Perry judgment!!!
Mini sizes for desk, purse and travel
The classic: cocoa, rose, and aloe flavored Vaseline
These products cause my undue stress with the weight of my checked suit case each trip, but are totally worth it for the getting to indulge in the best drug store glamor aids I can get my hands on!

Laura x

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