Sunday, February 10, 2013

How To: Zebra Bench Reupholstery

One of my favorite pieces in my apartment is a writing desk that I got from my Pap.  As a child, I always loved looking for secret drawers in the desk and new details in the wood carvings.  This weekend I found a bench to go with the desk which will also give me options for extra seating for parties.  
One of my biggest tips for thrifting is to take catalogue of what you could use.  One of the things I lack is extra seating, so I am always looking for small stools, etc.  I think that this bench probably came from a vanity.  Also know what colors/shapes work with what you have.  My living room has lots of black and white with touches of metallics and pink.  I thought that this bench could fit into my decor.  

 Excess zebra print fabric from a chair I had professionally reupholstered was my inspiration. 

All of my supplies laid out: fabric, scissors, staple gun, staples, screw driver, cleaning solution, paper towels.  

Remove the bottom of the bench.  Make sure this is possible before you buy!

Put fabric face down and place the bench pad on top.  Trim excess, but leave about 2 inches on each side. 

 Staple the longest side first.  Fold corners like you are wrapping paper. 

 Once done with all stapling, screw back into the bench. 

I thought about re-doing the handles, but think that the pink keeps the bench from being too garish. 

Finished bench. 

This chair was my original inspiration.  It is also an antique from my Pap.  I like that the bench and chair compliment eachother but are not too "matchy."  Both remind me of my heritage and how a mix of old and new is the most glamorous way to decorate. 

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