Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Days in the English Countryside

Burghley House: Lincolnshire

Prior Park: Outside Bath, my brother's school (yes, really)
These English Country estate houses make it clear to me why English literature and current shows like Downton Abbey can revolve around the duty families feel to their country estates. 
Montacute House: Somerset
Graffiti, Prior Park
Montacute House: Blazer: Vintage: YSL Rive Gauche; Pin: Chanel; Sunglasses: Fendi; Dress: Bannana Republic; Purse: Vintage Coach
Montacute House
Montacute House
Polsden Lacey: Surrey
Dyrham Park: Outside of Bath

Dyrham Park
Dyrham Park: Coat: Vintage Mink; Dress: Topshop; Boots: J Crew

Doughton Manor: Glouchestire

Stourhead: Wiltshire
Stourhead: Blazer: YSL (same as before); Scarf: Burberry; Glasses: RayBan; Shorts: H&M; Belt and Shoes: JCrew; Purse: Vintage (Faux) Chanel
Burghley House
Blazer: Zara; Scarf: Burberry; Shoes: Converse
These places have so many glamorous touches that they are overwhelming.  Can't wait to explore more.

Laura x 

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