Monday, July 1, 2013

Motown Party and Channeling Diana Ross

Dress: Lilana; Earrings: Zoe and Syd; Bangles: J C Penney's; Shoes: Nine West
I recently went to a Motown themed party at the Mattress Factory Urban Garden Party.  Motown is such a broad inspiration, ranging from the 50's and on that I wasn't instantly struck with what to wear.  I originally was going to wear a black sequined cocktail dress with full length gloves ala 1950's girl groups.  But, when I spotted this dress online, I thought that I would go the 1970's route. 

I love a themed party and with over the top hair and make-up, I think that I was able to channel the theme. 
In this case, the dress was first for me, but sometimes hair and make-up can dictate the dress/shoes.  Always have fun with your choices and don't be too afraid to be "over the top."  Like how the motto is it is better to be overdressed than under-dressed, I always thinking airing on the side of the theme rather than not is the best. 
Your local beauty supply store is the best place for your hair and make-up.  I used some over the top eyelashes that I had (confession: I am obsessed with false eyelashes for special occasions). 

I bought a piece of fake hair from Sally Beauty Supply and braided the loose strands to the size of my head, tied the ends together with a rubber band and had a great and cheap hairpiece ($1.17!). 

Have fun with your theme! Confidence shows and if you don't feel comfortable in your outfit it will show. 

Laura x

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