Monday, April 8, 2013

How To: Wine Cork Tray

With my Mom in Pittsburgh, I have had my best thrifter and artist inspiration in town.  We have both been collecting wine corks to make a project.  At first we thought a corkboard, but I ended up with a unique and fun display tray made out of more than a few corks.  If you want to make one, start collecting corks now! And follow the directions below.....

1. Pick out a foam shape that you will use.  I bought all of these at the store and was planning to make all of them.....the cubes would be stands for large candles, but I only had enough corks for the large rectangular tray. 

Hint: Always have a lot more corks than you think you need!

2. Remove any corks that aren't really made out of natural cork.  I was shocked how many corks I couldn't use because they were plastic. 
3. Once you pick your foam shape, determine what pattern you would like the corks to make.  It takes some playing around because you can't cut them to size.  Ours is an alternating 2 vertical and 2 horizontal pattern. 
Hint: Varying directions of the corks make them easier to fit to scale and add visual interest.  
 4. Make sure the ends of the corks are flush with the edges of your shape. 
Hint: Make an effort to put the most interesting corks to you in the middle and varying which ones you use based upon whether the design is better vertical or horizontal. 

 5. Use a hot glue gun to complete the pattern row by row. 
I loved that the red wine corks had a slight purple stain on the ends. 
 6. Once you complete the top, glue corks vertically around the edges. 
 7. Glue a final row of horizontal corks around the perimeter. 
I am extremely happy with how the tray came out.  I am using it in my kitchen as a display stand for a smaller tray.  I have already started saving corks for the next project....if you have any, send them my way! 

Laura x

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