Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How To: Paper Leaf Wreath

My favorite craft project my Mom and I (ok all credit on this one goes to my Mom) recently made is this wreath made from old legal reporters.  My Mom had the idea when they were getting rid of the paper copies of the Supreme Court and Federal Reporters at her law library.   I love the light and airy look at have two perfect ones (one at work and one above my bookshelves). 

This project can be adapted based on your interest (ie. nursing books, dictionaries, etc.). 

1. Choose what type of paper you will be using.  These Supreme Court Reporters were on light and flexible perfect which made it easy to cut and glue.

Hint: Black and white paper looks the cleanest.  

2. Wrap the foam wreath with the papers. 
 3. Cut dozens of leaves by folding the paper in half and cutting along the fold (about 3 inches long). 
4. Glue the leaves onto the wreath form one by one stacking and alternating them.

Hint: Face leaves in the same direction as you fill in the wreath. 

 5. Continue until you reach the beginning section of leaves. 
 6. Let dry, choose a contrasting ribbon, hang. 

I think these wreaths which can easily be made in a few hours, make a great personalized gift!

Laura x

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