Monday, April 29, 2013

Back to my Roots: Zara Heels

Coat: J Crew Collection; Shirt: GAP; Purse: Vintage Christian Dior; Jeans: AE; Shoes: Zara
Pittsburgh is such an amazing city to live in.  The contrast of the old and new everywhere is very inspiring to me.  It's a reminder that things change, but as long as you are pushing yourself forward, change can be a good thing. 

This shot was at an abandoned factory in Homestead. 
The colors of the building and its beautiful decay were very striking.  It almost had a sad haunting feeling. 
 I love these heels.  They might be my favorite pair.  Don't forget to look at Zara for fun shoes!

Necklace: J Crew; Earrings: Robert Lee Miller
 Laura x

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