Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Red and Tan Art Deco

Dress, Blazer, Boots, Belt, and necklace all J Crew (didn't realize that until I posted this!)

 I love the lobbies of the art deco lobbies that are in downtown Pittsburgh.  They have such saturated colors and ornate details.  I love these elevator doors. 

This silk safari-style dress is hard to wear in the winter, but I tried to bulk it up with black tights, stacked heels, gold accents and a leopard belt. 

This lobby reminds me that there can be beauty in the most seemingly insignificant things.  Glamour is all about the small touches that create a big picture. 

Laura x


  1. Laura,

    Very cool- of course.

    just tweeted the blog forward to my 2500 "followers."

    I'm in SC. Thinking you're headed to England soon. Safe journey.

    This is a great idea. Give it time and you'll be amazed at the community of folks that you can be part of.


    1. Thank you so much! That is great. Happy holidays and safe trip back!