Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bad Hair, Good Coat....

 I woke up this morning and was really struggling.  I think that dressing for days when I am not in Court can be the most challenging.  I don't really feel "me" in clothes like most dress pants.  My compromise today was black pants with a black draped top and blazer. 

My hair was terrifying, so my bobby pins had to serve to hold the rats' nest in place.  I twisted each piece onto the back of my head and tried to pretend that it was a real hairstyle. 

I love Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and L'Oreal Elnet.  They are saviors for putting together quick updos.  I am not good at hair, so this is the most creative I get! 

 I topped off the look with one of my favorite vintage coats.  Its grey and black check pattern reminds me of menswear with a large collar that frames the face.  Nice that it was warm enough to wear open and check out the German-style Christmas market in Market Square. 

 Topped off my lunch hour with Ben and Jerry's Greek yogurt with gummy bears!

A glamorous diversion at any time of year, but felt quite decadent in early December!

Laura x

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