Friday, December 7, 2012

Ornamentation without Foundation

Peplum top with leather details (Urban Outfitters); Blazer (Zara); 
                                             Pencil skirt, Belt, and Necklace (J Crew);

A mansion left to decay and its sadness and beauty attracts my eye each time I pass.  There is something about an abandoned house that is a blank slate that allows me to imagine what it looked like and what it could look like one day. 

This house is also like my style in a way.  It has lots of ornate details, but none of the basics.  Just like the house has beautiful stained glass and masonry work, but no boards on the porch, I have sequined skirts and velvet heels, but no jeans that I really love.  The gift/curse of vintage shopping is that I find some great pieces (which are usually for special occasions or work), but the thought of going shopping for staples like work pants doesn't provide any of the thrill. 

If fashion is all about fun, I will keep my sequins and velvet, and all of the fluff, but add in some more basics. 

What could be more glamorous than that?

Laura x

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