Wednesday, December 5, 2012

 Being home and around my Mom a few weeks ago made me realize how much small decisions like how to set a table for Thanksgiving can tell you something about the person who sets it and the family who celebrates that meal together.  Choices about what clothes to wear and what I serve when friends are over allow me to express myself and hopefully show others I care about them.  

I am starting this blog to express myself and journal my year through photos.  I hope that some of these ideas reflect on the type of person I strive to be and hopefully give others some joy.  The Glamorous Pursuit is my search for for art in the everyday and thinks that make me smile. 

I was lucky to get home to Horseheads, NY (although Ithaca will always be my hometown) to spend time with my brother Luke and my Mom Helen and Step-Dad Rick.  I love cooking with my Mom and helping prepare for my favorite holiday.

One of my roles this year was to set the table and decorate it for the meal.  I thought that a white theme with natural elements would be a nice touch.  I found all of these objects around the house.  I liked the sheep on the side as a reminder of nature and where food really comes from.  

I even found this nest outside which I placed on some boxwood sprigs.  

Bits of shell and wood gave a nice contrast and were a good example of how I always like to have an odd number of design elements.  

The food was delicious and was served on a mix of white china from my Aunt Daria and an antique floral set which is one of my favorite things my Mom and I have found together.  

The hit of the meal was a spiced rum cake my Mom made and topped with pecans.  Perfectly displayed in an 1950's cake stand and ready to eat!! 

And of course I had my steadfast helper Hudson close at hand. 

What could be more glamorous than that?!

Laura x

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