Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rainy Tuesday at Corsham Court and Lacock Abbey

Headscarf: Longchamp; Trench: J Crew Collection; Jeans: GAP; Ballet Flats: J Crew
The day we spent at two local country estates near Bath, Corsham Court and Lacock Abbey, was wet and cold.  My trench coat and silk head scarf were my attempts to keep out the rain and chill.  I would advise against ballet flats though, my feet were numb!

Graffiti has always been around.  These letters were scratched into the front pillars of Corsham Court. 
A silk scarf is always useful to pack.  I don't mind the rain as long as my hair is dry and using the scarf as a wide headband kept the crown of my head dry. 
Scarf: Vintage Longchamp
Knot it in the back to keep your hair tame and keep a larger scarf from getting in your way. 
Corsham Court is in a small town called Corsham just outside of Bath.  It had a beautiful art collection and some of the best plaster ceilings I have seen.  Oh, and peacocks! 

This is me running from the rain!

We also visited Lacock Abbey which was nearby.  This estate used to be a cloister for Catholic nuns, but was seized by Henry VIII when England left the Catholic Church.  The house wasn't open that day, but we were able to explore the cloisters and see some beautiful wildlife in the country. 

At this point, I had to make the scarf a full-on head scarf because of the rain. 

Going to a country fair today and so far it it sunny, so I hope to have some better photos.

Laura x

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