Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Glamorous Pursuit's Guide to Savannah, GA

I found Savannah to be a lovely city and I would recommend it to anyone for a short break.  I only spent about 10 hours in the city, so I can't recommend any day trips, but here are some photos I took and some places that I loved.  

Start with a Walking Tour  in the morning.  Most are about 2 hours long.  They are a great way to get your bearing in a new city and find out about its history and what makes it unique.  Your tour guide is also a great resource to ask for restaurant suggestions. 

Tip: Take in the beautiful iron work both on and off of the beautiful squares.  This staircase had pelicans on it. 

 The backstreet has home that are in various states of repair.  This one was fascinating to me. 

There is something more interesting about buildings that are not "perfect" to me.  

Vest: Vintage mink made from a coat; Leather Jacket: AE; Sweater: GAP; Dress: Forever 21; Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
While the squares seem quiet and haunting, Savannah's waterfront was bustling with local artists selling their work, old fashioned candy shoppes, and pubs. 

Tip: Never eat anywhere that you could at home (aka chain) and never buy anything that you could at home.  These pictures are from River Street Sweets, 13 E. River Street.  Candy always makes a good gift to bring back with you, especially a local candy such as Pralines. 

This beautiful building was the city's Customs House.  Like most early US cities, Savannah deprived much of its wealth from trade.  There were still huge ships on the waterfront including the ship below which was carrying hundreds of tractor trailer compartments. 

Tip: After your walking tour, explore the interior of a home by taking a house tour.  We toured the Andrew Low House, 329 Abercorn Street. 
The tour will allow you to see the period furniture and have a glimpse as to how people lived in the period. 
 You can also explore the side streets near the house museum which are usually just as beautiful, but more peaceful.  This is Jones Street. 

Tip: A city which has a college or university is usually most creative and artistic than one which doesn't.  These bicycles were found outside of Savannah College of Art and Design's main library. 

Allow time to have an ice cream cone at Leopold's Ice Cream, 212 E. Broughton Street.  It has all of the charm of an old fashioned ice cream shoppe and it is delicious!

Tip: Explore W. Broughton Street for some amazing boutiques.  This is the street to find a unique gift to take home. 
This is Savannah Bee Company's window, 104 W. Broughton Street.  They have lovely items made from beeswax.  I bought some hand salve which is super luxurious and a great reminder of the trip everytime I use it. 

This is the Paris Market, 36 W. Broughton Street.  It was beautifully laid out and was the type of store that lures you in with its window display and has so many beautiful things. 

Tip: Check ahead of your trip what special events are happening.  The weekend I was there there was a giant beauty pageant.  This trailer was decorated with two contestants' photographs.  Wasn't very subtle!

Other Recommendations:
Lulu's Chocolate Bar: 42 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd: Very hip bar/restaurant that is perfect to get a slice of cake and a martini
Shop SCAD:  340 Bull Street: Great place to look for unique art
Forsyth Park: Gorgeous mix of ancient trees with Spanish moss and Victorian fountain

Like any trip, slow down, live like a local, and allow yourself to take in all of the glamorous and unique things the city has to offer.

Laura x

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