Thursday, March 7, 2013

Record Wall and Nude Fishnets

Earrings and Coat: Vintage; Dress: J Crew
An outfit which consists of simple proportions and colors can become dramatic if there is a strong contrast between colors.  In this case, a basic wool work dress looks more finished and "dressy" because my tights and heels match and create one line. 

That's why this wall looks so interesting, the graphic black and white records.  
A good tip to make fishnets more wearable is to wear them over a pair of tights.  Here, I have on nude tights and then nude fishnets over.  I think that they add just enough interest to the look. 
Tights and Stockings: Both DKNY; Shoes: Aldo
 Plus, nothing feels more indulgent and glamorous than fishnets. 

Laura x

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  1. fabulous! and your hair is getting so long--looks great