Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How To: Spray Paint Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a uniquely American way to decorate for fall.  I like pumpkins, but carving a pumpkin is a messy job and they usually don't last longer than a few weeks.  Driving with my Mom this weekend, we passed a lot of road-stands selling pumpkins for as little as $3-5.  I had the idea to spray paint some pumpkins to be more my style.  Here is my how-to:

                                     Pumpkin(s)                 Painters tape: 1"                 Spray paint
1. Apply the painter's tape to your pumpkins in the desired pattern.  Some pumpkins are rounder and suited to vertical stripes, while others work better with horizontal stripes.  Play around to see what works best. 
2. Cover the stem with a small plastic bag to keep the look more "natural."
3. Spray away!
4. Remove the tape after 2-3 minutes. 
Tip: You could also use stencils to mark your pumpkin with your house number, initials, etc.

Laura x

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